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Our Story

The Journey Toward Light

I’m Cari Hahn, owner, designer and creator of Clutch & Kindle. Through Clutch, I’ve blended my background in art therapy with my own need to emerge from darkness to create light in my life and the lives of others. For me, darkness came on April 15, 2016, in the form of a bilateral breast cancer diagnosis, and while this was indeed a dark time for me and my family, my training provided me with the tools of creative expression that can foster healing and support mental well-being. 


After finishing treatment in late 2016, I looked at my life and started to assess what needed to change. I needed a creative outlet, and I returned to my healing roots. 

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“Let light shine out of darkness”

In January of 2021, my husband joined the business of his days off from being a firefighter.  Matt has been a firefighter in Indianapolis for over 20+ years. 

All of our clean and natural products are hand made in small batches in Carmel, IN. We offer clean luxury rollerball cologne and perfume, room sprays and repurposed fire hose items. We gave our dear friend Lisa old firehose, and the idea of the firehose hat was born. The fire hose would end up in landfills.


Our fire hose hats can be custom ordered. Every hat is handprinted by Lt. Hahn when he isn't working at IFD. We give back 10% of all proceeds to support first responder mental health.

Clutch and Kindle means Perfect Fire. Cari started as candles so it was a perfect way to combine Matt joining the business. 

We are so thankful for each and everyone of you! Your support means the world to us! 

Matt & Cari 

Matt & Cari Hahn

Thanks for having us on Indy Now on Fox 59. Watch our interview
here at Indy Now


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