Our Story

The Journey Toward Light

I’m Cari Hahn, owner and creator of Clutch & Kindle. Through Clutch, I’ve blended my background in art therapy with my own need to emerge from darkness to create light in my life and the lives of others. For me, darkness came on April 15, 2016, in the form of a bilateral breast cancer diagnosis, and while this was indeed a dark time for me and my family, my training provided me with the tools of creative expression that can foster healing and support mental well-being. 


After finishing treatment in late 2016, I looked at my life and started to assess what needed to change. This time of deep searching revealed many things, including all of the toxic products in my home that were designed to make me feel better, but that I knew were making me and many other people feel worse. I needed a creative outlet, and I wanted to return to my healing roots. But more importantly, I wanted to share the healing I was experiencing with anyone who needed it. I believe what we put out into this world is undoubtedly what we receive in return. That was the start of Karma & Kinds. 


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“Let light shine out of darkness”


In January of 2021, my husband  joined the business of his days off from being a firefighter.  Matt has been a firefighter in Indianapolis for over 22 years. The business is now called Clutch & Kindle, which means Perfect Fire. Good Karma will always be at the core of every product we make. 


All of our clean and natural products are hand made in small batches in Carmel, IN. We offer rollerball cologne and perfume, soy candles, room sprays and repurposed fire hose items. The fire hose would end up in landfills. We clean it, cut it by hand, hand paint the letters (we heat press the  numbers), sew it in Carmel, IN then burn the edges.


Our fire hose hats can be custom ordered. We give back 10% of all proceeds from the fire hose items to foundations that are near and dear to us and support first responder mental health. As of  October 1 we've given back $2500.  (we started the fire hose line in June!) 


Wishing you life, love, light and good karma -- always!

Matt & Cari 

Matt & Cari Hahn