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I've been painting for eight years. While being an artist is a difficult tug-of-war betwee


Clutch and Kindle was founded in 2017 when Cari finished bilateral breast cancer treatment. Cari was 40 years old when she was diagnosed with no family history of breast cancer. This led her to looking at the ingredients of her beauty and fragrance items. She wanted cleaner and more transparent ingredients.

Clutch was founded in Cari’s kitchen. Every Clutch and Kindle item is hand poured in small batches in Noblesville, IN.  

The rollerball perfumes and colognes are made using less than 3 ingredients. They are made with clean fragrance oil meaning they do not have phthalates, parabens, and are free from any known endocrine disruptors. They are vegan, cruelty free, and free of synthetic dyes. The luxury ingredients are sourced in the USA using quality ingredients.

Cari wanted products she and her daughters could safely use, and still enjoy beautiful complex fragrances as part of their self-care routine.

In 2020, Cari’s husband Matt joined the business when he wasn’t working as a firefighter for IFD. They make limited edition hats with retired fire hose patches. Matt helps Cari with the day to day operations of C&K. 


Matt and Cari proudly give back 5% of profits to first responder mental health and breast cancer charities and organizations.

Cari celebrates 8 years cancer free in April of 2024. Thank you for getting to know us! Clutch and Kindle means Perfect Fire!

Cari and Matt Hahn


Cari & Matt Hahn

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